Speaking at Flash in the Can 2004

The Flash in the Can festival gets better every year. This year's festival includes a wonderful array of speakers, awards show, the iron flash competition, and a special workshop by Grant Skinner. If you are at all interested in developing with the Flash Communication Server the festival is a great place to pick up ideas. There are a number of FCS related presentations including my own on Designing Realtime Applications. Here's the blurb I sent the festival organizers:

There are so many things you can do with the Flash Communication server: video conferences and presentations, shared text areas, snapshots, time-lapse photography, shared cursors, avatars, video/audio/text message boards, Web page tours, and more - but how do you build full-featured production quality applications that someone else can manage? This presentation walks through many of the design issues including planning back-end services such as user authentication and authorization, resource management (how do you organize those streams?), designing components that work together, and working with Flash Remoting and databases to make it all come together.

The slides for my presentation are now available as are a few snapshots from Saturday night.

The festival is jammed packed with so many excellent speakers that being able to do a presentation at all is a real treat. But I also get to host Giacomo Guilizzoni's presentation. He will present "Extending Macromedia Breeze" remotely from California using Breeze. Here's Peldi's outline:

Macromedia Breeze provides the industry's leading web conferencing application, delivered entirely in Flash. In addition to providing a full set of conferencing tools to provide effective and engaging on-line meetings, Breeze provides an extensible architecture to provide customers, partners, and developers opportunities to create and deploy their own custom PODs. Presented using Breeze Live and hosted by Brian Lesser, Giacomo "Peldi" Guilizzoni will introduce you to Breeze Live's architecture and APIs.

Robert Reinhardt, while not speaking about FCS will be presenting:

Today, designers and developers alike need to know their options for building successful, efficient, enterprise-level RIAs, or Rich Internet Applications. In this session, Robert Reinhardt, Director of Multimedia Applications at The Content Project, demonstrates how you can create data-aware Flash interfaces. You learn the differences in using URL-encoded text (LoadVars), XML, Web Services, and Flash Remoting as the means to deliver and integrate the data used by a sample interface. In the process, you will understand the pros and cons of using each server-side technology for the development of client and server frameworks for your Flash movies.

Dave Yang will be talking about OOP in ActionScript 2.0:

Explore object-oriented programming in ActionScript 2.0 and discover patterns, tips and pitfalls.

ActionScript 2.0 is designed for building more robust and maintainable applications. With a syntax similar to Java and features borrowed from C#, it is well suited for complex application development.

This session will explore the new OOP features of the language, see how to migrate ActionScript 1.0 code into the new version, and cover topics such as the new event broadcasting model, common design patterns, best practices, and identify traps and pitfalls to avoid in application development.

This presentation is suitable for both ActionScript 1.0 developers who want to learn about migrating code to ActionScript 2.0, and for ActionScript 2.0 developers who would like to learn more advanced uses of the language, and also for developers from other OO language backgrounds to discover Flash's programming language.

And there's lots more including Brian Robbins speaking on "Flashcom server and Multiplayer Games," Robert McLauglin on "Converged Content," Colin Moock on "Studies in Shared Experiences," Chafic Kazoun on "Flash MX 2004 Component Development," and Brandon Hall on a "Open Source Component Framework."

Check out the festival at: http://flashinthecan.com

-Brian Lesser
February 06/2004