Source Code and Examples

Each file is a Zip archive. When archives contain server-side files, such as a main.asc file, the archive will contain an applications folder and at least one subfolder for the server-side part of the application. For example the chapter 1 helloVideo archive contains an applications/helloVideo/main.asc file. To install the application on a test server with a default FlashCom installation create a helloVideo subdirectory in your FlashCom server's applications directory and extract the main.asc file into it. Then extract and run any number of instances of the helloVideoClient.swf file on the same test machine. You can extract the client files to any convenient location on the test machine that you like. If your FlashCom test server also is running a Web server you can post the index.html and helloVideoClient.swf and test the application using a browser from other machines. You should not install your FlashCom or Web server so that any part of the FlashCom installation is under the Web server's root document folder. In other words your asc and other server-side FlashCom files should not be accessible via the Web.

Due to all the different configuration options available for FlashCom and Web servers we only provide installation instructions for a default installation of FlashCom. Check the index.html file in each Zip archive for additional installation information.

Chapter 1: Introducing the Flash Communication Server

HelloVideo 155K Zip file.

Chapter 3: Managing Connections

Example 3-1 4K Zip file.
Examples 3-2 and 3-3 85K Zip file.
Examples 3-4, 3-5, and 3-6 72K Zip file.
Example 3-7 43K Zip file.
Example 3-8 4K Zip file.
Example 3-9 142K Zip file.
Sample Test Movie 144K Zip file.
Example 3-10 229K Zip file.
Example 3-12 229K Zip file.

Chapter 4

Example 4-2 a simple Hello World application. 141K Zip file.
Examples 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4 in one zip archive. 156K Zip file.

Chapter 5

Example 5-1 courseChat. 58K Zip file.
Example 5-2 snapShot. 64K Zip file.
Example 5-3 timeLapse. 64K Zip file.
Example 5-3 stopMotion. 99K Zip file.
Example 5-4 Playing an MP3 file. 2K .as file.
Examples 5-5 though 5-7 NetStream Subclass and PlaybackDirector. 49K zip archive.
Example 5-8 Set Bandwidth. 2K .asc file.
Example 5-15 Simple Stream Logging. 171K .zip file.
Example 5-16 and 5-17 Text Publisher. 200K .zip file.

Chapter 6

Message Taker and Surveillance Examples. 1,201K .zip file.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 FLA files. 5,302K .zip file.
Chapter 7 FLV files. 1,891K .zip file.
Chapter 7 MP3 files. 5,302K .zip file.
Chapter 7 Source Video files. 30,535K .zip file.

Chapter 8

Example 8-1 and 8-2. 66K Zip file.
Example 8-4 SharedBall AS2 Version. 81K Zip file.
Example 8-4 SharedBall AS1 Version. 81K Zip file.
SharedBall with Frame Rate Control. 270K Zip file.
Video Chat - Examples 8-3, 8-5, and 8-11. 172K Zip file.
lobby/chatRoom chatApp - Examples 8-6, 8-7, and 8-8. 508K Zip file.

Chapter 9

Example 9-1. 145K Zip file.
Example 9-2. 186K Zip file.
Example 9-3. 535K Zip file.
Example 9-4. 315K Zip file.
Example 9-5. 315K Zip file.
Lobby/Rooms. 576K Zip file.

Chapter 10 & 11 7K Zip file.

Chapter 12

PFCSLogger Example . 284K .zip file.
Directory Reader. 195K .zip file. Updated March 10, 2005 with corrections.
FTPCopy. 107K .zip file.

Chapter 13

SimplePeopleList. 291K Zip file.
PeopleList. 293K Zip file.
PeopleGrid. 349K Zip file.

Chapter 14

mychat 135K Zip file.
sharedform. 262K Zip file.
sharedAddressFormTest. 261K Zip file.
authConnect. 209K Zip file.

Chapter 15

ptextfield. 8K Zip file.
pRecorderTest. 115K Zip file.

Chapter 16

Active Chat Users. 437K Zip file.
SelectServer. 6K Zip file.

Chapter 17

example17-4.asc 2K Zip file.
connectionTester 120 K Zip file. Updated April 30, 2005 to add missing asc file.
cursors 496K Zip file.

Chapter 18

chapter18Samples 1,872K Zip file.

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