FITC 2008

What I said I'd talk about:

Building scalable and full-featured real-time collaboration applications requires integrating a lot of different pieces. I outline how Octopz built and evolved a collaborative application using Flex, Coldfusion, and FMS and then show how Adobe's Hosted Services could change the game. Adobe's Hosted Services were designed as the foundation you can build your own collaborative applications on. Cocomo, Share, and Pacifica not only provide new features for collaboration but using them may save you an enormous amount of work. This presentation reviews the services, how they work, and how they might change the way we build the next generation of real-time applications.

The actual slides:

Real‐Time Collaboration with FMS 3 or Adobe Hosted Services

And my interview with Gideon the world famous designer:

Gideon Talks with Brian Lesser

Toronto, Flex Camp 2

My half hour presentation on Flex and FMS:

Flex and Flash Media Interactive Server

Document posted May 20, 2008 by Brian Lesser