FITC 2009 Presentation: Player-to-Player Communications with RTMFP

Presentation slides from FITC 2009


FITC 2008 and Toronto Flex Camp 2 Presentations

Presentation slides from FITC 2008 and Toronto Flex Camp 2


Flex 2 FMS Explorer

This article explains how to use the Flex 2 FMS Explorer to build any number of test and sample FMS applications using Flex. The complete source code is also available. The explorer already contains a number of small samples including:

  • Text Chat
  • Shared Text Editor (based on the Flex 2 RichTextEditor)
  • Simple Live Stream
  • Controlled Live Stream
  • Simple Video Conference
  • Scratch Pad
  • others as I have time to add them...


Simple Flex 2/FMS 2 Test Application
Flex 2 is the first authoring product from Adobe based on ActionScript 3. There are a lot of changes from AS 1 and 2 to AS 3. This article explains how to build a very simple test application in Flex 2 that works with FMS.


Camera.setMode() in Detail

This article contains an extended explanation of how the Camera.setMode() method works including examples we didn't have room for in chapter 6.


A Simple Remote Shared Object Editor

Based on a lecture/demonstration I did at Ryerson this article is designed to both clarify how remote shared objects work and demonstrate some methods you can use to update and display their contents.


Top Ten Difficult Flashcom Questions

Notes from a recent chattyfig thread on the most difficult problems learning to develop FCS based applications .


Flash in the Can Presentation Slides

Slides from the Designing Real-time Applications presentation are now available.


Mapping a Shared Object to a List

A discussion of how to efficiently keep the contents of a v2 List component in sync with a SharedObject. The tutorial explains how to avoid using List methods like addItem() to improve performance dramatically.



A long list of resources from Macromedia and other sites that developers should know about working the the Flash Communication Server.


Flash Lobby - creating a lobby and rooms application using a proxied shared object.

A regular question on the flashcomm mailing list at has been "how do I show what rooms are in use and who is in each room from within my lobby?"

A good way to let the lobby know what is going on in each room is to open a NetConnection between the rooms and the lobby and then let each room update a shared object belonging to the lobby. Check out the Flash Lobby page to see how to setup a lobby/rooms system and to download a simple demonstration application.