Macromedia's Documentation and Technotes

Macromedia's documentation is essential reading for anyone working with the Flash Communication Server. The complete documentation set is available in PDF format:

Macromedia's Flash Communication Support Page:

Macromedia Technotes:

Port tester:

DevNet Articles on the Flash Communication Server:

Macromedia Employee sites:

The best - mostly FlashCom blog is Peldi's:

Chris Hock maintains a site that includes a listing of applications built with the Communication Server:
You'll also find a listing of sample applications and applications for sale.


Ryerson University Flash Communication Development Server

Ryerson University runs a small public development server that includes some articles and tutorials:


Mailing Lists and Forums

The Flashcomm mailing list (register at has a wonderful variety of people contributing to it including some of Macromedia's developers. An essential resource! Subscribe to the "FlashComm" list at:
You can also search the archives at:

Stefan Richter has started a popular and lively forum at:
and has posted a variety of tutorials.


Communication Components and Code

Fernando Flórez has posted some improved communication components here:
The components include the most often requested feature from the chattyfig FlashComm mailing list - a PeopleList with icons - but that's not all he did.


Related Technologies

Flash Remoting

Tom Muck's Flash Remoting, The Definitive Guide companion Web site:

Macromedia's Flash Remoting Page:
and Devnet page:

Open Source Remoting Projects:

OpenAMF - Remoting for Java:

AMFPHP - Remoting for PHP:

Flash Remoting in Perl:

Carbon Five's FlashGatekeeper:
Essential open source software to secure and control the J2EE and Coldfusion J2EE gateway: