Remote Shared Object Editor Demonstration

This page contains two Flash movies designed to demonstrate how remote shared objects work. Each movie is a simple remote shared object editor that allows you to add new properties (or "slots") to a remote shared object. Each property can contain a string value. Try it out:

Some things to note or try:

  1. If you have data in the shared object, if no one else is using the shared object, and you reload the page, the shared object will loose all the data in it. It is disposed of on the server because no clients are connected to it.
  2. If you try to update a shared object property with the same data (string) in it nothing happens.
  3. If you load or reload the page and someone else is using the shared object their data will appear. Note there is one information object with a clear code followed by one information object for each slot.

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Document posted February 14, 2005 by Brian Lesser